Neverending Play

Kids imagine, build & transform their very own play space

8-in-1 Design

More creation, less clutter

STEM + Pretend

A new breed of educational building toys

Open-ended Inspiration

Kids choose what & how they play with this modular building system

The modular building system for creative play

Made in U.S.A.

Ages 3-10




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What they said...

As a Pre-K teacher, imaginative play is crucial! Having a toy that shapes, shift, and solved different needs for imaginative/exploratory play in the classroom is wonderful; especially one that can store away easily. From a kitchen, to a stage, to a farm stand for different units and lessons. I can also envision my hands-on students helping to change the shape and build the “new” toy. This is such an innovative concept for the education world that encourages STEAM and hands-on learning.

Lauren L.

I fell in love with Wundernook right away.  I love that my son can use the building mechanism on his own, learning sequencing and developing his fine motor skills and imagination at the same time. It looks great in the house and is sturdy enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic play. It's such a space saver now that we don't need all the separate large scale toys.

Alana G.

Floor space is limited in the classroom so I often have to choose furniture pieces carefully and then feel stuck part way through the year. With Wundernook students can engage in dramatic play using the kitchen, sequence a story using the puppet theatre, or create something entirely their own. The possibilities are endless! 

Melanie D.

With General Education, teachers can buy one toy or set of toys that will apply to a whole class, but with Special Education, there is a constant need for individual learning tools and toys. Given the increased one-on-one learning in Special Ed, a toy that could change with my students and lessons would be immensely helpful in making my budget stretch further.

Kayla D.

I have often had a kitchen in my classroom and wished that I could convert it into other things - an airplane, a grocery store, a home for the "Three Bears." As the curriculum changes during the school year, Wundernook adapts to meet the needs of teachers and students.

Early Childhood Educator

As a teacher, flexibility and durability are important. Materials need to be able to be used in different ways to meet our changing curriculum needs and they need to last over many years.

Education Professor

Our children range in ages from 10 to 1 year.  WunderNook keeps them all entertained.  The older ones build and set it up for the younger kids and then they all play together.  This is the only item that keeps them all entertained and engaged as they grow.

Lauren H.