Frequently Asked Questions

What is WunderNook®?

WunderNook is a modular, child-sized building system for creative play. Kids can imagine, construct, and transform their very own playspace.

What makes WunderNook different from other pretend play structures?

Where to begin?! There’s a lot that sets us apart. WunderNook engages kids aged three through 10, meeting them where they are both developmentally and physically. Because they’re involved in constructing their own playspace, kids also have the chance to learn vital STEM and problem-solving skills. It’s the perfect foundation for open-ended, creative play. On a practical note, we love that WunderNook breaks down simply for easy storage, and it’s made in the USA from domestic and imported sustainable, non-toxic materials.

Who invented WunderNook?

WunderNook was created by Abby Sullivan, a mom of two young kids. You can read more about Abby’s inspiration behind WunderNook here.

Where is WunderNook made?

The wood parts are made in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, while the injection molded pieces are made a short drive down the road in Delaware. The 100% cotton, small fabric storage bag and fabric panels are made within the Pennsylvania Amish community and the 100% cotton XL tote bag is made by a woman-owned company in New Hampshire. We use both domestic and imported materials.

Does WunderNook come in any other colors?

The natural wood panels and minimalist color scheme have been part of the vision for WunderNook from the very beginning. Aside from being beautiful and neutral in the home, it also serves as the perfect blank canvas for kids’ imaginations - just think of the myriad worlds and adventures that have been built from plain cardboard boxes over the years... And if you want a pop of color and customization, we've got you covered with our decals kits! As always, we’d welcome your feedback.

I have questions! How can I contact you?

We’re here for you! Please get in touch through our website, send us an email at hello@wundernook.com or give us a call at 202-641-8653. We look forward to hearing from you.

What’s the age range for Wundernook?

WunderNook has been ASTM safety tested for kids aged three through 10.

How do kids play with WunderNook?

Our Starter Collections are a lot like colored pencils and paper — a three- year-old is going to use the same materials very differently than a 10-year-old. The three-year-old might scribble and explore new shapes, while the 10-year-old might make a masterpiece better than mom or dad can. The same principle applies to WunderNook. A three-year-old will place connectors with the help of an older sibling, parent or caregiver, twist the knobs in the connectors and choose the location of the knobs, handles and decals. A 6-year-old may be off to the races building on his or her own, experimenting and learning, or simply following our directions.

Do I have to follow the directions?

No, you definitely don’t have to follow the directions. In fact, we believe that kids really benefit from problem solving through trial and error. These are great behavioral and STEM skills! However, the instructions show you how to reach the final Creation that we believe is best and strongest. It’s this set-up that was tested in an ASTM lab to meet child safety standards. Please ensure when you’re done with the building journey, you end up with connectors in the locations we advise in our instructions.

Can my child climb on WunderNook?

WunderNook is not meant to be a climbing structure. We designed the connectors to be very sturdy, and we provide instructions to help you and your kids determine if the connectors are in the right place. But please, no climbing.

Are the hinge paddles supposed to come off?

Don’t worry, you didn’t break them! The hinge paddles are designed to come off. We strive to reduce waste and increase versatility wherever we can. As we invent new WunderNook creations, you may want to use the hinges in different ways, on different sized panels. This approach allows you to reuse the hinge paddles, and simply swap out the hinge rod.

Do you have plans for more WunderNook Creations?

We’re working as fast as we can to bring you the parts for even more amazing WunderNook Creations! You can look forward to even more fun times ahead as we finalize our designs for the learning tower, baby changing station, big kid kitchen, playhouse, castle, food truck, boat and airplane Creations. Be sure to sign up for our emails and follow us on Instagram for these announcements and more!

Do we assemble WunderNook ourselves?

Yes — that’s the fun of it! It’s also when STEM learning happens. WunderNook connectors are tool free, so even your youngest ones can help place and twist the knobs. Parents won’t need to stay up late putting together the kitchen or puppet theater Creations before a birthday or holiday reveal. Our simple videos show just how easy it is to build each Creation, and detailed instructions can be found [here].

How do I store my Collection?

We know the clutter is real. That’s why we designed a heavy duty XL all-natural canvas bag for storing WunderNook. Inside, you’ll find a pocket for decals and hinges. The Classic Collection includes the tote bag. Core Collection customers can purchase it here. Both Core and Classic customers will also receive a small storage bag for your small plastic and wooden parts. If you don’t purchase the tote bag, we recommend storing the panels under a bed or sofa where they won't be stepped on. Please store your Collection flat on the ground so panels don’t fall down on anyone. And it’s important to store them out of the way so they don’t become unintended climbing, stepping, or jumping-off piles!

Can we use WunderNook outdoors?

Absolutely, but please be sure to bring it indoors when you’re done playing for the day! WunderNook should never be out in the rain. Water and excess humidity will make wood warp, or worse. If the connectors get wet, please dry them to prevent rust.

What else should I know about the wood in WunderNook?

Wood is a natural, durable material. It has different color variations and marks that give it character and warmth. It’s completely natural for panels to adjust their shape ever so slightly with the seasons. Wood will swell and shrink with changes in humidity.

How do I clean my WunderNook?

You can wipe WunderNook down with baby wipes, Lysol wipes or even rubbing alcohol. Our paint supplier calls the WunderNook finish a “unicorn” because it’s durable, yet water-based and non-toxic.

I lost some connectors! Can you help?

It sounds like your family is just like our families! Yes, we are totally prepared to help you out. Our Connectors Kit includes six 90-degree connectors, four 180-degree connectors and four 60-degree connectors. They’ll be helpful when you start buying our soon-to-be-released Expansion Kits for our big kid kitche, learning tower, baby changing station, truck, playhouse, castle and boat Creations.

What materials did you use to create WunderNook?

We use the safest and most environmentally responsible materials to create WunderNook. The panels are made of furniture-grade Baltic birch plywood, the knobs, handles and faucet are made of North American maple, all fabric items are 100% cotton, and the plastic connectors and knobs are made of recyclable polypropylene (used for cutting boards and in food containers). The sink is food-grade stainless steel.

Can you tell me more about your finishes?

Our finishes are low-VOC, HAPs-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, and have also been tested according to international safety standards for lead, heavy metals and phthalates. Rigorous ASTM and CSPC testing took place in a U.S. lab.

Can you tell me more about the decals?

We are so excited about our decals! We use a substrate that is 100% polyester, LEED certified for VOC emissions, and is lead-free and phthalate-free. Our inks are Greenguard certified. The non-toxic adhesive pairs perfectly with the non-toxic finish on the wood panels – they’re meant to be! Decals can be removed and replaced many times over, but please take care of them to ensure their longevity. You can put them back on the paper they come on, or do what our printer says most of his clients do: stick them on the wall in a closet or in a kid’s room! This ensures dust doesn't dimish the effectiveness of the adhesive. Please do not use any decals from any other companies, as we cannot guarantee there won’t be a negative reaction between the WunderNook finish and other decal adhesives.

How do I recycle the plastic parts?

When you’re really, truly done with your WunderNook, please send your plastic parts back to us. We will happily recycle them to create new parts for the next generation of WunderNook families.

Is WunderNook eco-friendly?

We sure are! We’re proud to use wood, recyclable plastic, non-toxic, water-based finishes, and have a low carbon footprint.

How do you ship WunderNook?

We ship via UPS. Once your WunderNook is on its way to you, we’ll email you the tracking information.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all purchases over $75. If you need expedited shipping, please email us at: hello@wundernook.com. We are focused on serving the U.S. market, but we hope to be shipping to Canada and Europe soon.

Do you offer expedited delivery?

We do not currently offer expedited delivery as a standard option. However, please feel free to email us at hello@wundernook.com with a specific timing request, and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Higher shipping rates will apply.

Will everything come in the same box?

To make things easier on you and your friendly UPS delivery person, we separate the wood panels from the accessories into two boxes. But don’t worry, we’ve kept the packaging simple and recyclable to minimize waste.

What is the return policy for WunderNook?

We want to be sure you’re satisfied with your WunderNook purchase. If you’re not, and would like to return it, we’d be happy to offer a full refund (excluding any shipping costs) for up to 45 days. Any returned items must be in good resale condition, and you will be responsible for return shipping costs. To initiate a product return, please email us for a return authorization at hello@wundernook.com with “Product Return” in the subject line.

How can I find out about your new releases and promotions?

We look forward to staying in touch with you through email and social media! Please sign up here to receive our emails, including updates on new products and promotions. You can follow our neverending play on Instagram @WunderNook.

My child has ideas for new WunderNook creations! How can I share them?

We love hearing from our creative customers! If you or your children have ideas for new Creations, decal designs, or accessories, we look forward to hearing them. Just drop us a note here. And stay tuned to our Instagram account for upcoming competitions.