About Us

WunderNook is on a mission to enrich the wonder of childhood, while simplifying the journey of parenthood.

Our innovative building system lets kids imagine, construct, and transform their very own play space. From play kitchen to puppet theater to farmer’s stand, there’s no creative limit. WunderNook empowers kids aged 3 through 10 to choose both what and how they play.

The very act of planning, problem-solving, and building is rich with STEM learning opportunities. Independent exploration, creative collaboration – it’s all vital skill-building.

Crafted in the USA from beautiful, durable, and sustainable materials, WunderNook is a modern heirloom, built to last. Its thoughtful, minimalist design allows for flexible, ever-changing play, then breaks down simply for easy storage. Once kids outgrow WunderNook, it transitions easily into bedroom or playroom furniture, extending its utility and reducing waste.

The WunderNook story started with a mother in search of a toy that could grow with her kids, capture their imaginations, and spark learning – without adding clutter to a busy home. We can’t wait to have you as part of our family. Please join us in this spirit of neverending play!

For my son’s first Christmas, I bought him a wooden workbench.  He loved it intensely for about three months, and then it sat unused, taking up valuable real estate in our home. Nine months later, I repeated my mistake, buying him a play kitchen. That had only slightly more staying power – a full six months of use!

I knew there had to be a better way.

I wanted every square foot of space occupied by toys to have purpose, and add value to my kids’ experience. I could see the clear benefits of pretend play, but why couldn’t there be a STEM element? And why did I have to look at these structures all the time?

Like our other, smaller toys, I wished they could disappear and come back again with fresh appeal for the kids.

With a long list of must-haves —  non-toxic and sustainable materials, simple aesthetic with no gaudy colors, easy to break down and store, versatile, adjusting to a child’s interests, meeting kids where they are both developmentally and physically, suitable for a wide range of ages —  I set out to create something new that would not only nurture a child’s learning through play, but would also make life easier for parents, caregivers and teachers at the same time.

Abby Sullivan

Abby Sullivan

WunderNook Founder & CEO