5 Benefits of Modular Construction Toys

Modular construction toys have been popular with parents for decades – and with good reason! Scroll down to find out more about their benefits.

Today, modular construction toys are even more significant because they give children an opportunity for hands-on, screen-free STEM exploration.  In many cases, the large scale of WunderNook amplifies these STEM learning opportunities.  Below, we share five more reasons why you'll fall in love with modular construction toys.

5 Reasons to Introduce Your Child to Modular Construction Toys

They Encourage Problem-Solving

While we do provide instructions, here at WunderNook, our hope is that they are merely a means for checking your work since the instructions indicate the optimal location of brackets.  When a child imagines which creation he or she wants to build, the child will problem-solve how to make that creation using the available parts. The child can lay out the parts they think they need, think through the bracket angles to make a box or extend panels along the same plane.  They can experiment with bracket location, discovering how far apart brackets should be placed, and consider the impacts of symmetry.   They'll experience trial and error, learn to identify problems, explore what works and what doesn't work, and adapt their plans to bring their vision to life.

They Support Spatial Skills Development

Construction toys help children understand how parts fit together and how different shapes, sizes, and pieces work or don't work in conjunction with one another. Along with this mental exercise in spatial analysis, modular construction toys require physical manipulation that works gross and fine motor skills and develops hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  

They Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

All children have those proud, "I did it!" moments and, as parents, those are arguably some of our proudest moments as well. Modular toys provide more of those moments every day. Every smile, every laugh, every proud, "Look what I made!" moment builds confidence and self-esteem. Children realize that they can do this; they can plan, they can build, they can execute – alone, with friends or with parents, depending on the child’s age.  It's an early lesson in empowerment and self-confidence.

They Require Patience and Concentration

There is nothing quick about modular construction. Children learn to sort through pieces, select the ones they need, organize them, and then begin construction. This takes time, requires concentration, and builds patience as little builders look for what they need, then try to put it all together, sometimes backtracking when the first idea fails. 

They Foster Communication and Cooperative Play

Modular construction toys are the perfect play-date activity. Children work cooperatively to build structures, which requires communication and sharing, while also building teamwork and listening skills, not to mention collaborative problem-solving skills. Vocabularies expand, ideas flow, and children become more comfortable speaking aloud and sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

Modular construction toys provide benefits for children now and in the future by serving as a fun play activity while also supporting cognitive and emotional development. They are one of the best toys for supporting early STEM learning, encouraging inquiry and exploration and establishing a strong foundation for your child's academic future. 

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