5 DIY Puppet Theater Essentials

DIY puppet theaters and pretend play are hallmark activities of childhood. Not only do they encourage creativity and free play, but they also help children build critical social skills and coax shy children to come out of their shells. 

A puppet theater is a classic playpiece that will support your child's imagination, spark their interest in the performing arts, and allow your little actors and actresses to take center stage. Make sure their experience is as authentic as possible with these 5 DIY puppet theater essentials. 

5 Must-Have Accessories For Every Home Puppet Theater

Create a complete live theater experience and keep your children occupied and engaged in creative play for hours (or days!) by adding these essentials to your puppet theater. 

A Script or Storyboard

Every great show has a compelling story. Help your children tell their very own story with a script if they are writers, or a storyboard if they want to map out their story with pictures. This will help children formulate their thoughts, prepare the stage and props, stay on task during the show, and focus their attention on the character and not themselves. 


You can't have a puppet show without the starring cast members: puppets! Puppets can be made from common household items like socks and paper lunch bags. Use posterboard or cardboard and popsicle sticks to create shadow puppets.  Split pins (or paper fasteners) give puppets hinges and more mobility. 


A program will add a touch of professionalism to any puppet show and gives artists a chance to shine. Create a simple program out of folded copy paper or colored construction paper. Be sure to include the title of the play, a cast list, a scene list and music credits. 


Selling tickets to the puppet show is a fun and effective way to build math skills and develop social skills. Let children set the price and design the tickets themselves, or use dollar store raffle tickets.  


Offering snacks and concessions during a puppet show will elevate the experience for everyone. Audience members will be thrilled by this special little touch and the pint-sized production crew will be so proud to share their favorite snacks with their guests. 

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