What's Better Than a Cardboard Box?

I think we’ve all been there before — we buy a toy for our kids, and they’re far more interested in the box than what’s inside.  And the bigger the box, the better.  Do you remember what you loved as a child about cardboard boxes?  Was it the coziness of being wedged into a small space? Was it the simplicity of the brown surface that made it feel like it could be anything you imagined?  Or was it that with some effort — maybe with some scissors and tape — you could change its shape?

For most kids, I think the cardboard box is a magical item for all of these reasons.  But if you’re like most parents, you can’t wait to get the old tattered box out of your house. Please don’t feel guilty — you’re not alone! I’ve interviewed A LOT of parents as we worked through the design of WunderNook’s modular building system, and whenever we discussed the cardboard box, I could hear exasperation in the parent’s voice — followed by a confession: “I love the open-ended play, but I hate having the ugly boxes taking up my living room!  And they look worse over time!”

Enter WunderNook… WunderNook has so much to offer both parents and children alike.  Our mission is to nurture the wonder of childhood and simplify the journey of parenthood.  We solve a lot of problems, and one of them is the dreaded invasion of the cardboard box.  WunderNook provides children with the same open-ended play possibilities while infusing STEM learning.  Meanwhile, parents benefit from the elevated aesthetics and durability of furniture-grade Baltic birch wood parts that can be put away at anytime.  

Does your kid want to build a kitchen and cook alongside you in the kitchen? Check.  Does your child want to sell his or her LEGO creations from a pretend toy store or become a farmer and have a stand at the local farmer’s market? Check.  Or maybe your child wants to cozy up in a nook with a book, blanket and flashlight for some quiet time away from screens? We have you there too.  It can all be done with either of the Starter Collections.  We offer more creation and less clutter.

While we intentionally made the panels a neutral birch material to work in any home, it’s not just for the parents.  This is for the kids too.  As parents, we often get tricked into thinking kids need bright colors to be engaged.  But the proof is in the pudding… the generic brown box shows us all we need to know — neutral, simple colors engage kids and foster creative, open-ended play.  If kids want pops of color, we have decals that add fun and customization to the configurations.  They are removable and reusable, so the store front configuration doesn’t have to stay a farmer’s market stand. It can become a bakery, ice cream stand, or whatever type of commerce interests your kid.  Speaking of which, please let us know what your child is interested in! We are always thinking about what our next decal will be.

You might make all of these configurations in one day, or it may be a while before you make the changes.  Either way, the wood panels will remain beautiful, they don’t need to go into the recycling pile, they won’t take over your living room, and they can even be neatly stored in our tote bag under a sofa or chest of drawers. In fact, our design is so flexible that your tween can transform the panels into a bookshelf or bedside cubes.  They might even pack them up and take them to their college dorm room.

Great for parents, great for kids.  Welcome to neverending play with WunderNook.